Each class starts with dynamic breathing in sequence with basic movements to prime bodies physiological response in preparation for the main sequences. During the main sequences, natural relaxed breathing is introduced for the purpose of consolidating concentration on the alignment and transition quality. 


The 1.0 classes focus on the basics in structural alignment. Students are taken through the details of the introductory pose dynamics and breathing methodology to build strength (core, pelvic floor, upper body, lower body) and flexibility (the lengthening of muscles).

**1.0 classes are suitable for all levels of strength/movement proficiency, and are required for all new students prior taking intermediate and experienced level classes.


The 2.0 classes continue to focus on structural alignment fundamentals with added poses to the sequences. These classes are slightly more physically challenging than 1.0, yet continue to build strength, flexibility and improve balance. Students are guided through details of pose dynamics and breathing while moving toward smoother transitions between poses. Free balancing Inversions are introduced with variations specific to individual ability.

**Being able to refine the movement transitions in 2.0 classes is an integral step in working on the quality of movement. 


The 3.0 classes are at the intermediate level. Students are led through more complex postures and sequencing with an increased momentum. Intermediate level inversions, arm balances and back bending postures are introduced. 

**Although modifications relating to physical ability are always encouraged in 3.0, these classes are meant to be more physically challenging than 2.0. In this way, it requires a good personal awareness of limitations and higher concentration ability to advance intelligently. The teachers are always monitoring students progress. Regular attendance at this level is highly recommended.


The 4.0 classes are at the upper intermediate/ experienced level. Students are led through a new level of complexity with more advanced posture variations.  

** At this level the teachers will offer more hands-on assisting to encourage a different, more visceral experience. Although this class is similar to that of an advanced Hatha Yoga class, BASEWORKS PRACTICE strongly recommends a steady dedication to daily practice at the preceding levels as well to achieve the physical and mental benefits in the safest, most sustainable way possible. 

All classes end with a guided breathing sequence followed by a relaxation in order to allow the nervous system to assimilate the sensory motor input of the practice. This also promotes a mindful, more contemplative outcome.