BASEWORKS PRACTICE is structured in such a way that explores the diverse potential of movement. The variables of postures and transitions are structured into sequences at 4 levels. Each level has different learning objectives, and physical proficiency increases from lower to higher levels. Although the levels range from an introductory to experienced learning progression, the complete system is designed to compliment further advancement and or as a body/mind conditioning tool for the abundance of aforementioned fitness, wellness and mindfulness practices.

With this said the learning progression is not hierarchal and teachers and students are not encouraged to think that they graduate from one level to the next “higher level”. Everyone, regardless of physical ability is always encouraged to re-visit each level consistently to re-interpret their experience at different stages of growth. 

If you drop into the class for the first time, it may look and feel like a yoga class. The system has been in many ways been inspired by Hatha Yoga. However those with any experience in modern yoga will find that entering and exiting postures along with the focus on relaxed natural breathing, are noticeably different. Upon several visits, the structure and methodology toward developing foundation becomes very obvious and the emphasis on understating and working with personal limitations to exceed them, is integral.

At any time, force is never prematurely applied, and constant modification is a necessary component for intelligent progress.